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Septic Tanks/Leach Drains & Bio Systems

We service both residential and commercial septic tanks. To ensure your septic tank is well maintained it is recommended that it is pumped and cleaned approximately every 3-5 years, depending on the volume of waste. Newer systems on the market, including Taylex & ATU, offer mini wastewater treatment plans on your property. We work in conjunction with major dealers, Leeuwin Wastewater and TMC, to keep these systems in tip top condition, and recommend cleaning every 5-7 years.

We recommend all septic tanks and leach drains are kept away from trees and dense vegetation to avoid root intrusion.

All SHEPHEARD operators are trained to service any type of septic tank. We provide scheduled jobs as well as any emergency call outs 24/7. Septic tank cleaning can be messy so leave it to the experts and let SHEPHEARD get the job done efficiently.

Grease Traps

Grease traps are a vital part of keeping the sewer network free from grease and solids, they effectively “catch” the grease before it enters the sewerage system. It is required by law that all commercial food outlets have a grease trap and that they are periodically serviced. The schedule for cleans are anywhere between 3 and 24 weeks, as is dictated by Water Corporation and must be adhered to. SHEPHEARD is accredited by the Water Corporation and are part of the FOGMAN programme. We can provide a regular pump out schedule for your grease trap, set it, then forget and we will ensure you never receive a non-compliance notice!

Hydro Excavation/Vaxcavation

Our purpose-built vacuum trucks are fitted with both high and low pressured water hoses, allowing our operators to preform non-destructive digging. The spoil is then easily removed using our vacuum and disposed of correctly. Vaxcavation is the future to excavation as it eliminates the risk of hitting and damaging vital services such as gas, power, fibre optic and water/sewer, while also minimising the mess made by a traditional excavator.

High Pressure Jetting

SHEPHEARD offers high pressure wash downs of all types of equipment, from industrial mining conveyor belts systems to domestic water tanks. Our trucks are also equipped with high-pressure lance wands with a reach of 7m. The high volume jetter line can clean a variety of pipes, with the ability to remove roots, sediment, and foreign objects. We work closely with the plumbing industry to maintain the sewer/stormwater network. 

The health of you and your family relies on the regular maintenance of your water tank. Cleaning ensures it is in top working order and free of bacteria that could cause harm. We are able to clean your tank with our high-pressure hose and remove any sediment, leaving it clean and safe.

Pump Stations

Regular maintenance of pump stations will minimise break downs of pumps, floats and outlets. SHEPHEARD can clean your pump station to keep it fully operational. We will remove any sediment, foreign objects, fatbergs/rings and crust build up, which is likely to cause damage to the equipment over time.

Storm Water Pits

A blocked storm water pit can cause both environmental and financial problems in a heavy rainfall event, causing flooding to carparks and buildings. SHEPHEARD can remove debris and obstructions from your pits to reduce the risk of flooding, as well as ensuring that no further contaminants are added into the ecosystem.

Brewery & Winery Waste

Large volumes of waste are produced during the production of both beer and wine, so SHEPHEARD is here to ensure that it is disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. Being in one of WA’s premier wine regions means we can be on site and removing liquid waste when required, so they can keep producing the good stuff! We are available 24/7 to service your waste needs.

Industrial/Wash Down Waste & Oily Water Separators

SHEPHEARD prides itself on being an environmentally responsible company and ensures all waste is disposed of correctly. Industrial waste is created by a wide variety of industries, from car wash to mining companies. Disposing of this waste correctly will safeguard the environment and keep the wheels of industry turning. We can facilitate any sort of industrial waste removal and tailor a waste management plan for your company.

An Oily Water Separator provides an important function, ensuring harmful hydrocarbons do not enter our environment, this is essential, especially as hydrocarbons are present in most industrial wash down areas. We can maintain and clean your commercial fuel and oil separator tanks to ensure they work effectively.

Site/Portable toilet

It is common to see portable toilets at weddings, concerts, community events as well as building sites. SHEPHEARD’s vacuum trucks can provide cleans for single or multiple portable toilets, meaning you don’t end up with very messy situation! We offer an efficient and discreet service so you can rely on SHEPHEARD for your next high-profile event.


  • Work in with industry schedules
  • 24/7 rosters
  • DIDO contracts
  • Tailor made pump out schedules

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